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Conversion: Reposing Limbs
Modelling: Cork Bases
Modelling: Gap Filling
Modelling: Paved Bases
Modelling: Pinning
Modelling: Using Guitar Wire
Modelling: Water Bases
Sculpting: Banded Armour
Sculpting: Belts
Sculpting: Laurels
Sculpting: Rivets
Sculpting: Skull Icons

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The First Founding Project
This is a project for Games Workshop's 54mm RPG-esk game, Inquisitor
In Inquisitor players are often investigating plots and the game itself is very narrative driven.
As the game is more focused around stories and the stats often demonstrate this, Space Marines are as overpowered as their fictinal counterparts

i wrote an article for Dark Magenta called Huge Chunk Of Man where i explore the concept of creating appropriate characters for Inquisitor

following on from this, i decided to create each of the First Founding chapters in Inquisitor, including relevant background

Here are links to each character and their background - the stats were quite long and as such haven't posted them

Legion 1 - Dark Angels

Legion 3 - Emperors Children

Legion 4 - Iron Warriors

Legion 5 - White Scars

Legion 6 - Space Wolves

Legion 7 - Imperial Fists

Legion 8 - Night Lords

Legion 9 - Blood Angels

Legion 12 - World Eaters

Legion 13 - Ultramarines

Legion 17 - Word Bearers

Legion 18 - Salamanders

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